To the Gods

In 2002, excavations carried out by the Wallonia Public Service  close to salle Prévers in Jupille (Liège) exhumed nine graves from a Gallo-Roman cremation chamber (late 1st century–early 3rd century AD). These were excavated, in large part, by the Liège Archaeological Institute in 1916 and 1922. After removing the funerary material from tomb casing no.1, which consisted of three Argonne ceramics and a sand-blasted goblet, the archaeologists were surprised to discover an epitaph dedicated to the male gods, deities that symbolise the souls of the dead, by turning over the slab on which the artefacts rested. The face-down funeral inscription is of great interest. It mentions the name of the deceased, Murannus, and that of his father, Bilaucus; these are two peregrins (free men who did not have Roman citizenship) with indigenous names. This funerary headstone, which dates from the end of the 1st century AD, thus served as material that could be re-used in the casing of a grave from the second century.

Numéro d'inventaire FLORA
Année d'exécution
Epoque flavienne (69-96 après J.-C.)
Nécropole des Trixhes à Jupille, fouilles de l'année 2002.
L. 50cm ; l. 40,5cm ; Ep. 5 à 7cm