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I. GDPR - General data protection regulation

The Grand Curtius website

Your privacy and the protection of your personal data is important to the city of Liège, which makes every effort to respect it.
In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) adopted by the European Parliament on 14 April 2016, and the law of 8 December 1992 regarding the protection of privacy when processing data of a personal nature, the city of Liège invites you to take note of its privacy policy.
This policy defines, and informs you of, how the city of Liège uses and protects the information you provide it when you use this website, which is accessed via the following URL: url)/or,  as well as all sub-domains and associated direct URLs.
Please note that this policy may be modified or supplemented by the city of Liège, notably in terms of compliance with any legislative, regulatory, jurisprudential or technological changes concerning the protection of personal data. In such cases, these modifications apply to the user as soon as they are implemented. Therefore, it is a good idea to consult this privacy policy regularly, in order to be informed of any potential modifications.

1. Identity of the data-processing manager in the context of the city of Liège's website
In the context of its activity, the city of Liège,which is registered with the Carrefour des Entreprises Bank under the number BE0207343933 and has its head office at 4000 Liège, Place du Marché, 2, processes your personal data.
The city of Liège is a “processing manager”, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

2. General statement from the city of Liège concerning respect of privacy and protection of personal data
The city of Liège processes your personal data in accordance with the applicable privacy laws, including the GDPR and the privacy law.
Respecting and protecting your personal data, that is, the information used to identify you and which relates to you, is a priority for the city of Liège.
The city of Liège also wishes to inform you, in full and in the spirit of transparency, of the way in which your personal data or information is managed.

3. Bases for the use your personal data by the city of Liège
The city of Liège processes your personal data in order to carry out its legal obligations, its contractual commitments and your service requests, to safeguard vital interests or its legitimate interests and/or its missions of public interest or those that fall under the exercise of the public authority in which it is invested.
In some cases, your personal data is only processed by the city of Liège based on your consent.
By providing your personal information through the city of Liège’s website, you expressly agree to its processing by the city of Liège, for the purposes communicated to you and the purposes established at the end of each form and in this policy. However, you may freely withdraw your consent to the use of your personal data, which is not essential to the use of the service provided by this website, at any time:
• by writing to requesting the withdrawal of the data you have provided to us through the forms present on the website;

4. Types of personal data processed by the city of Liège.
Generally speaking, it is possible to visit the Grand Curtius website without providing any personal information about yourself. In any case, you are in no way required to provide this information to the city of Liège if you merely consult this website.
However, you may be unable to make use of certain information, features or services offered by the city of Liège through its website if you choose not to provide certain specific personal data concerning you and required by our applications or our forms.
Thus, for example:
• for the purposes of online requests or to create a user account on the city of Liège's website, the city of Liège may be required, in certain cases, to ask you to provide/collect the following personal data and allow it to be processed: your surname, your first name, your title, your email address, your password, your phone number, your fax number, your IP address, your postal address, your avatar, your pseudonym or username, your website, your profession, your log-in details, your company or role, your company number,  your qualification level, your gender, your biography, the products offered and certain banking information;
• for information and assistance purposes, the emails stored in the inboxes to which any questions are sent may contain, in addition to the sender’s email address, the latter’s surname and first name, and the email address.
In any case, the city of Liège agrees to only collect the data that is strictly necessary for the correct operation of the service provided by, or related to, its website. When this is possible, you are informed of the mandatory or optional nature of the data collected at the time of its entry, through the use of “mandatory” (or any other suitable visual indicator, such as an asterisk or an element in bold) or “optional”.

5. Aims and purposes of the use of personal data by the city of Liège
The city of Liège may collect and process your personal data for the following purposes:
a. for the purpose of providing you with the information or services you have requested;
b. for the purposes of allowing you to provide the information required for your administrative approaches and document requests, via the e-counter;
c. for the purposes of allowing you to make a request via a form;
d. for the purposes of processing your application and sending you job offers in line with your request;
e. for the purposes of collecting information that allows us to improve the Grand Curtius website and its online services (notably through the use of cookies);
f. for the purposes of allowing you to save your data and preferences, in order to make using the website easier and more pleasant via your user profile/your account and to avoid having to provide the city of Liège with your personal data again, having already communicated it several times during a previous session;
g. for the purposes of contacting you about different events concerning the city of Liège;
h. for the purposes of archiving;
i. for the purposes of compiling anonymous statistics concerning various phenomena, including the use of the Grand Curtius website.
In any case, the city of Liège agrees to only collect and process your personal data, which has been collected on the Grand Curtius website, when this is strictly necessary for the purposes outlined in this policy. In principle, your personal data will never be used in a context other than those established herein.
In the case that the city of Liège wants to process your personal data for a purpose that is not outlined in this statement, you will be contacted using the email address provided to be informed of this new processing and its purpose, as well as your potential ability to refuse this processing.

6. Recipients and potential transfers or sharing of personal data by the city of Liège
In principle, the city of Liège is the role recipient of personal data that you communicate via its website. Your personal data, whether in individual or grouped form, is never transferred to a third party, with the exception of the cases outlined below.
The city of Liège may share your personal data with the public authorities, and their representatives or advisers, if it is deemed necessary or appropriate given its missions or legitimate interests.
The city of Liège may also communicate your personal data to third parties if the law requires it, or if the city of Liège legitimately believes that such disclosure is reasonably required to comply with a legal procedure, to fulfil requests from the public authorities, for the purposes of a legal procedure or to protect its rights, assets or personal safety.
Finally, the city of Liège may transfer your data to third parties, such as individual or corporate subcontractors, if this communication is required for technical reasons (such as a third-party hosting service). In this case, these third parties only have access to the personal data that is strictly necessary for the performance of their tasks.
Therefore, the city of Liège makes use of responsible subcontractors in the following cases:
• for the personalisation of access to the system;
• for requests sent to the support department;
• for the maintenance and support of the application and the infrastructure that hosts it;
• for the saving and hosting of data;
• for email inboxes for the support department of the municipal administration;
No personal data is communicated to third parties that are not part of the list of recipients mentioned above, or that do not fall within the legal framework indicated, without prejudice to their possible transmission to the bodies responsible for controls or inspections in application of Belgian law.
In any case, the city of Liège makes sure that your personal data remains protected despite this data transfer. In fact, the city of Liège ensures the compliance of the recipients with appropriate guarantees and strict adherence to confidentiality, usage and data protection conditions.
In principle, the city of Liège only provides your personal data to individuals or companies who are based in a country that offers a level of personal data protection that is at least equivalent to that found in Belgium. If the city of Liège wishes to deviate from this principle, it will inform you of this and request your approval.
In any case, neither the city of Liège, nor any of its subcontractors, joint processing managers or recipients, shall proceed to use your personal data for the purposes of commercialisation or direct marketing.

7. Confidentiality and security systems implemented by the city of Liège to prevent abuse, loopholes and unauthorised access to personal data
The city of Liège takes the appropriate technical, physical, legal and organisational measures to protect your personal data. To this end, it implements a number of physical, electronic and administrative procedures, which it regularly reviews and updates, in order to protect your data against unauthorised access, to ensure its confidentiality and security and to ensure the correct use of the information collected in order to carry out the processing in question.
The above notably implies that only the staff appointed by the city of Liège may access your data and only using their personal username and password. The staff of the city of Liège with access to information that could identify people are also required to protect this information, in accordance with the city of Liège’s privacy policy. Thus, the people with access to your data must notably comply with a confidentiality charter, an IT charter and agree to refrain from using personal information for purposes other than the provision of the services they are supposed to provide.
In the same vein, the city of Liège ensures that any subcontractors it uses offer guarantees that are equivalent to those set out in this statement, in order to protect your personal data. Each external subcontractor signs a contract with the city of Liège, under which it is legally bound to comply with the applicable legislation regarding the protection and processing of personal data.

8. Retention period for your personal data and deletion of this data by the city of Liège
Your personal data is collected and retained for a limited period, based on the purpose of its processing and only for the time required for this processing or for the period established in the applicable legislation. After this time, it will be permanently deleted.
These time periods are applicable subject to the specific legal provisions that require a longer or shorter retention period.

9. Rights of those concerned by the processing of their personal data by the city of Liège
Any requests for information, or any appeals concerning the use of personal data by the city of Liège, must be sent to its Data Protection Officer (DPO).
The city of Liège agrees to respond to your requests as soon as possible. However, the city of Liège informs you that it retains the right, where applicable, to oppose any demonstrably unreasonable requests (due to their frequency or their repetitive or systematic nature).
In order to maintain the confidentiality and security of your personal data, any request about exercising your rights must include, for the attention of our DPO, a copy of your identity documentation (identity card or passport) with a visible signature. This copy will be returned to you with your request, along with the requested information or the consideration of your request. Failure to provide this identification will prevent the processing of your request, due to the absence of sufficient guarantees to certify the holder of the rights concerned.
In this way, you are guaranteed the following rights in accordance with data-protection regulations:
• the right to information and transparency, both spontaneously and on request;
• the right of consultation or right of access;
• the right of rectification or correction;
• the right to be forgotten and to deletion of data;
• the right to free consent and to the withdrawal of the consent given;
• the right of general opposition and/or to prospecting or direct marketing;
• the right to the limitation of processing;
• the right to data transfer or portability;
• the right to not be subject to an automated decision;
• the right to be notified of any security incidents concerning you.
You also have the right to file a complaint or to lodge an appeal with the supervisory and data-protection authority, or to contact the DPO of the city of Liège if you think that the processing of your personal data violates the provisions of this declaration or the regulations in force.

10. Responsibilities concerning personal data
The accuracy of the data provided is the responsibility of the user of the website and the different online services provided by the city of Liège’s website(s).
The user is solely responsible for the use of their account. Any log-in, request or data transmission carried out by the latter is deemed to have been made by the user at their liability.
In case of loss, theft or misappropriation of their username, the account holder agrees to inform the city of Liège immediately.
The city of Liège may not be held responsible for any damage resulting from an interruption, any kind of malfunction, a suspension or the cessation of online services for any reason, or for any material or immaterial damage that would result from the connection.
The use of online services implies the acceptance of the characteristics and limits of the Internet network, notably in terms of its technical performances, the response times for consulting it, querying or transferring information, risks related to the connection and the absence of protection for certain data against misappropriation and contamination by any viruses on the network. The city of Liège may not be held responsible for any failures that may affect the Internet network, any configuration problems or any issues with a given browser.
The city of Liège does not guarantee that the online services will operate without interruption. The city of Liège’s responsibility shall not be engaged if, in case of force majeure or events outside of its control, it has to suspend or truncate its online services or modify their usage conditions. The city of Liège declines any liability if the online services are unavailable, or in case of the malfunctioning of devices that would not be attributable to the former, or if the information provided by the applicants were to be destroyed for a reason that would not be attributable to the former.
The city of Liège may not be held responsible for any damage, either material or immaterial, caused to Internet users, their computer equipment and the data stored on it, or any direct or indirect consequences that may result from this.

11. Contact(s)
• Details of the DPO: Ms Danielle ADRIAENSSENS, DPO for the city of Liège, Place du marché, 2, 4000 Liège. Belgium.
• Data protection authority (formerly the Privacy commission): ADP Rue de la presse, 35, 1000 Brussels. Belgium. +32 (0)2 274 48 00
II. Intellectual property

This website belongs to the communal administration of Liège, hereafter the “city of Liège”. All of the documents that constitute said website are the property of the city of Liège and are protected by copyright. Any partial or full reproduction is prohibited.
The city of Liège is the owner of the domain name and all directly associated subdomains and URLs.

III. Creation

The website was created in September 2018 in collaboration with Studio Debie.

IV. Responsible publisher

The responsible publisher for the city of Liège’s website is Mr Philippe ROUSSELLE, CEO.

V. Website management

The website is managed by the Communications department of the city of Liège museums.
The city of Liège aims to provide users with accurate, clear and high-quality data and information. However, if the user finds any incorrect or erroneous information on the pages, they may report this by sending an email to
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