In groups

In groups
Whether you are part of a club, an association or even a corporate group, a visit to the Liège museums is a unique and entertaining idea for a cultural activity. Discover the permanent collections or temporary exhibitions organised at the museums.

Languages: Fr, D, GB, Nl, JPN
Reservations: +32 (0)4 221 92 21 22

Specific audiences

The museums aim to make the collections accessible to all visitors. As a result, visits adapted to audiences with specific needs have been developed.

In 2017, the Grand Curtius renewed its adherence to the Acces-i label

People with reduced mobility
The Grand Curtius is fully adapted for people with reduced mobility, thanks to the presence of lifts, access ramps and disabled parking spaces nearby. The museum also has wheelchairs and stick seats available for visitors, as well as accessible toilets.

People with visual impairments
The museums' Entertainment Department offers visually-impaired visitors an adapted museum itinerary.  An audio-description presentation of the museum with tactile elements allows groups to discover the collections.

People with intellectual disabilities
Visits adapted to people with intellectual disabilities have been developed in collaboration with two associations, Inclusion and Mouvement Personne D’abord. These visits are adapted to different needs.

People with auditory disabilities
Guided visits are available, accompanied by a guide who is trained to work with the hearing impaired. A sign language interpreter from the Service d’Interprétation des Sourds en Wallonie (SiSW) accompanies the group throughout the visit and interprets the commentary. Please note: the price may vary depending on the conditions of the SiSW. Tablets with videos dubbed in sign language are also available.

The museums' Entertainment Department offers special visits for first-time visitors.

These visits are based on the discovery of our heritage and the acquisition of a new vocabulary.

People in social and/or economic difficulty
Guided visits for groups of people in social and/or economic difficulty focus on the notion of cultural democracy by creating a link between culture, aestheticism and the citizen.

Support the museum

Support the Grand Curtius and les Musées de Liège

Les Musées de Liège
The not-for-profit association “Les Musées de Liège” was created in 1992, on the initiative of the city of Liège, with a view to “contributing to the growth of the Liège museums' collections, awareness of their existence and their value”. With this in mind, the not-for-profit association may, based on its social aims, “seek, by any financial means, the resources necessary to preserve, expand and conserve the works of the museums in the city of Liège”.

The not-for-profit association selects and plans its activities by organising major exhibitions in the city’s museums.

Féronstrée, 92
4000 LIEGE
Tel. 32 4 221 93 25
Fax. 32 4 221 26 16
Account no.: 068-2349551-44

Fondation Liège Patrimoine
The public interest foundation “LIEGE PATRIMOINE”, which is chaired by Serge Mantovani, is a significant cultural tool. Its objectives are to promote the archaeological, artistic and historic heritage of institutions associated with it (Institut Archéologique Liégeois, Musée d’Art religieux et d’Art mosan, Le Vieux- Liège, les Amis du Musée d’Armes de Liège, les Amis du Musée d’Art religieux et d’Art Mosan, les Amis des Musées de l’Institut Archéologique Liégeois, les Musées de Liège) and to collaborate in crafting high-level museum policy.

Capable of receiving donations and contributions, the foundation regularly receives works of art and objects, which become part of the city of Liège’s museum collections after they have been examined by the scientific committee. The Ardent City has the largest and most interesting movable cultural capital in Wallonia.

As part of its desire to enhance culture and promote Liège heritage, the foundation provides meeting rooms and logistic activities for several associations.

“LIEGE PATRIMOINE” is attentive to, and at the service of, all those who have a passion for movable and immovable heritage and Liège.

Quai de Maastricht, 9
4000 LIEGE
Tel. 32 4 221 94 23
Fax. 32 4 221 94 21

Amis du Musée d’Armes de Liège, not-for-profit association
Since 1964, this not-for-profit association has promoted the Arms Museum of Liège. It notably publishes a biannual review “The Arms Museum”, which is dedicated to studies and research on antique weapons.

Quai de Maastricht, 9
4000 LIEGE
Tel. 32 4 221 94 23
Fax. 32 4 221 94 21

Amis du Musée d’Art religieux et d’Art Mosan, not-for-profit association
The history of Liège, which was ruled for seven centuries by prince-bishops, was rich in artistic creations inspired by religion. The Musée d’Art religieux et d’Art mosan displays beautiful examples of this. The Les Amis du MARAM not-for-profit association, created in 1980, has notably contributed to the substantial enrichment of the museum’s collections. Given the closure of an increasing number of churches, chapels and communities, the association aims to strengthen its action and encourage gifts, donations, etc., which will help to preserve this hugely valuable religious heritage.

Quai de Maastricht, 9
4000 LIEGE
Tel. 32 4 221 94 23
Fax. 32 4 221 94 21


This area provides free access to press releases and kits concerning news and exhibitions relating to the Grand Curtius.
For any requests for images, please contact the museum’s communications department at

Redeployment of the arms department to the Grand Curtius

High-resolution images from the press kit below:

Séries de fusils © Ville de Liège
Shotgun rounds © City of Liège


Ouvrier armurier, Fabrique Nationale, Herstal, années 1950
Gunsmith, Fabrique Nationale, Herstal, 1950s
Palais Curtius © Marc Verpoorten Ville de Liège
Palais Curtius © Marc Verpoorten, City of Liège
Fusil à canons superposés, syst. Boss, mod. 112 C, cal. 12, 1954 Lebeau-Courally, gravure Lyson Corombelle, Liège (Belgique)
Superposed shotgun, Boss syst., mod. 112 C, cal. 12, 1954 Lebeau-Courally, engraving Lyson Corombelle, Liège (Belgium)


As a family

The museums give you the chance to get the family together for fun activities amid the collections.

Every 2nd Sunday of the month, the Musées de la Ville de Liège offer you the chance to discover, as a family, the rich museum collections, thanks to a visit that is suitable for both adults and children. Learn while having fun: that is the mission during this family outing! There are many varied ways to explore our heritage – learn while playing or develop the way you look at the language of art.

When? The 2nd Sunday of the month at 2pm (September to June)
Price? €10/adult – €6/child under 12

My incredible birthday

How can you make your birthday unforgettable? How can you surprise your friends with an original and cultural birthday celebration? This is the mission during birthday parties at the Grand Curtius and La Boverie. Educational games in the halls of the museum and a creative workshop offer a fantastic itinerary for enjoying a fun afternoon with friends.

When? 2pm – 5pm, Sundays.
Where? At the Grand Curtius and La Boverie
Who is it for? Children aged between 6 and 12 (max. 15 children)
Price? Without catering: €90 (parents can bring cake and refreshments)
With birthday catering included: €165 at the Grand Curtius and €90 + €6/child at La Boverie.
Reservation and information: +32(0)4 221 68 32 37,


Entry to all of the museums is free on the 1st Sunday of the month. This is the chance to visit as a family and enjoy the creative workshops offered by the museums' Entertainment Department.
Painting, sculpture, collage, engraving, etc. Let your inner artist out at the museum.

Where? At the Grand Curtius, La Boverie and Ansembourg, on an alternating basis
When? The 1st Sunday of the month between 2pm and 5pm
Free entertainment, no booking required
Who is it for? For children aged between 6 and 12, accompanied by their parents.
To find out the workshop’s theme, contact us by phone or consult the website


Do you love to draw, paint, sculpt or get involved in any artistic discipline? If so, come to the Grand Curtius to discover its hidden treasures. It's your chance to show off your talent. Organised by Les Ateliers 04, run by Macha Lazarevitch

When? Saturdays 2pm – 5pm (excluding school holidays)
Where? At the Grand Curtius
Who is it for? Children aged between 5 and 12
Price? €295 for 25 sessions