14-barrel rifle (Purchased in Paris, 1911)

14-barrel rifle (Purchased in Paris, 1911)
A great hunter in his homeland of Scotland and in France, Colonel Thomas Thornton commissioned the production of this extraordinary 14-barrel rifle from William Dupe and Co. from London, sometimes around 1800. Later, it was placed in a case, which was dated 1813, and fitted with a French-style replacement butt that could hold seven original barrels. The weapon, which was inspired by the seven-barrel model used by the British Navy for shooting on the fly in case of being boarded, comprises two bundles of seven welded barrels; these communicate via the breech like an explosive train. Each bundle is ignited by one of the dogs. The box-loader allows the powder charge to be distributed from the mouth of seven barrels at a time.
Aside from its uniqueness, this weapon is exceptional because of its personalised decoration. The gun lock and barrels are discreetly adorned with gold damascening, which depicts hunting scenes, as well as inscriptions in English referring to Colonel Thornton's military achievements: “WITH THIS ALONE I’LL DEFEND ROBRO CAMP 1795”,  as well as a promise to his enemies: “PERDITION TO CONSPIRATORS”.

William Dupe and Co
Année d'exécution
Vers 1800
L. totale : 89 cm ; L. canons : 51,8 cm ; L. crosse complémentaire : 63,5 cm ; Calibre : 7,5 mm